When Is It Time To Replace?

How to know when it is time to replace your roof.

Many of us don’t check our roofs on a regular basis. This is expected as we are too busy going about our daily activities. There are some people that get to check their roofs occasionally. Truth be told, checking your roof often has its own benefits. It helps you detect certain repairs and also keeps your roof in good shape in case you eventually decide to sell the house. No matter how strong your roof is, it can’t last forever which brings us to the issue of knowing when it is time to replace your roof. There are different things to look out for and they include looking both on the inside of the house and outside.

When looking on the inside, check for the following things; places where the roof deck is sagging, signs of water damage and leaking, dark spots and trails and outside light showing through the roof. After the inside check, go to the exterior and check for the following; missing shingles, blistering, curling, rotting and presence of mold and algae (they always appear as darkish or greenish stains). Some others signs to look out for are; loose materials on the roof around chimneys and vents, check your gutter for large amounts of shingles which is a sign of advanced wear. Also, the roofing material is also important as the quality will determine how long it should last. If you decide to change roof, keep the weather in your location in mind when choosing roofing materials.  


Construction is among the biggest investments you can make in your life. Every building is designed to last for ages. It’s important every part of the investment be done carefully. Whether building a home, a hotel, a school or a commercial building it should last for a longer period. This gives value to your money. In construction, roofing is an essential part. The roof ensures all the other structures and parts of the building are well protected. With so many materials to choose from selecting the best roofing material can be a challenge. The following are top factors to consider when choosing roofing materials.

  • Overall Cost

Different roofing materials come at a different cost. In a building project, you have a specified budget. Have an idea of the amount you are willing to spend on your roof. Buy materials that are within your budget. This will ensure that the other parts of the house constructions are not affected when you go out of your budget. When setting a budget, make it adequate for quality roofing materials and labor. Avoid buying cheap roofing material which will cost more in repairs and renovation time over time. Look at the long-term cost of the materials.

  • Material Weight

Different roofing materials have different weight capacity. When choosing a roofing material make sure your building is structured in a way that it can carry a heavy roofing material. The weight of the material is also associated with the overall cost of the roofing. Higher weight requires more money since you will be required to have more supporting elements to carry the weight.

  • Local Weather

Your roof is in contact directly with the weather conditions in your environment. You need to have a roofing that is strong if you are around a stormy or windy environment. This ensures your roof is not easily carried away. If you are building in an environment with extreme temperatures ensure that your roofing is resistant. Consider your local environment and choose the best roof.

  • Color Variety

Roofing materials come in different colors. You need to consider several factors when choosing the color. Choose your favorite color. Ensure the color does not faint easily. And more importantly, ensure the color is friendly to environmental temperatures. Remember black absorbs a lot of heat.

  • Maintenance Requirements

After setting up your roof that not the end. Time over time you will be needed to repair the roof. Unforeseen factors such as natural calamities can occur. Ensure that you choose roofing materials that will require fewer efforts to maintain. Some materials such as metals require fewer maintenance efforts as compared to wood. Choose what you think can work for you.

You can plan a good roofing, buy the best material but the architect fails you. Ensure you choose the best architect to help you with setting up the roof. When you pick a roofing or construction company check their experience. Consult with some of their referees to ensure that you get the best people to do your roofing. As you focus on getting the best roofing materials, focus also on getting the best architect.